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Our region: Rakaia, Canterbury

Sirocco wines is located just outside the town of Rakaia on the south bank of the Rakaia River.

Our vineyard is situated on the sunny Canterbury plains between the South Island's eastern shores and the snowy mountain ranges further inland. The region attracts outdoor enthusiasts year-round for skiing on the nearby peaks and for fishing in the salmon-rich Rakaia River.

Our beautiful weather makes this a wonderful area to visit, and also an ideal place for growing grapes. The cooler temperatures of our southern latitude are tempered by our relatively long sunshine hours and the warm, dry wind that blows through the Rakaia Gorge. (…A wind reminiscent of the "Sirocco," the hot desert wind that travels north from Africa across the Mediterranean.) This ideal combination allows grapes to ripen steadily over the summer season and attain full maturity by harvest time.

We welcome vistors to Sirocco to see the vineyard and taste our wines. We are situated 1km from the township of Rakaia on Methven-Barrhill Road, just a 35-minute drive from Christchurch. If you can't visit us right now, just take a look through our guestbook and see what other people have said about Sirocco.