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Jan 2001
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Jan. 2000


Worldwide Opportunities on Organic Farms ("WWOOF") is an international organization begun in the 1970's that provides a unique cultural experience to travelers. WWOOF connects organic farms, growers, and vineyards with people who want to learn about organic farming techniques, are interested in an organic lifestyle, or simply want to experience life on an organic property. There are several hundred organic farms and vineyards in New Zealand alone.

At Sirocco, we love to share our beautiful surroundings and our organic practices with visitors from all over the world.

Here are some photos of some memorable wwoofer experiences here at Sirocco, taken over the last few years:

Wwoofers in 2002 with Benn, Brittney, and Fumiaki-san!

January 2001 with Jokke and Ulrika from Sweden—a fun way to see the New Year in!

Bruce and Pauline... AKA the Scotties.

Tom, Joe & Rob from England; Masa, Izumi & Mayumi from Japan; and Switzerland's own Cedric inspect the roof painting job.

The Swedish lads—Johan, Staffan and Joakim—and more of Masa and Mayumi.Featuring the tunnel houses and the Pruning Workshop held at Sirocco, June 17th 2000.

Kazuhiro...from January thru to March, 2000.

Gili, Heather and Josh in all sorts of places, February/March 2000.

January 2000 with Harley, Sammy, Ryan and Henny. The Scotties are here too!